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Conflicts between business partnersFotolia_Hände 3 Personen

You have a dispute with your business partner but you do not want to put your cooperation at risk – to much is at stake. Taking legal action would harden the fronts and incriminate future collaboration – the outcome is uncertain and costs are incalculable.

Mediation offers the opportunity of conflict-resolution with mutual appreciation and respect. In an early phase of the conflict a facilitated discussion might be sufficient.

Conflicts in the workplaceFotolia_2Männer

In times of crisis pressure increases. Mobbing and burnout are often results of a long history of bad conflict culture. Managers using the right tools of mediative leadership can solve such issues internally. A training can support your managers in these techniques.

A mediation for two or more conflicing parties or for a whole team can not only settle disputes but help all involved individuals to communicate more open and efficient in future.

Presentations and TrainingsCipIngrid-940x345-0019

Your team wants to hear more about mediative tools in leadership? A presentation adapted to your needs can be organized. Main focus is on theoretical basis of mediation in leadership.

An internal training provides practical role-play in addition to a sound theoretical basis. From 5 – 12 teammenbers an individualized training can be provided.

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