About me

  • Fotos Ingrid 015Over 30 years experience in Marketing and Sales
  • Leading diverse teams
  • Know-how in the health-care area
  • Trainings in communication, management and leadership
  • Diploma in health-economics
  • Diploma in mediation according to the civil rights-mediatior-law


My goal is to help people to make the best out of a difficult situation – not only finding a solution to their conflict, but also establishing a new mutual understanding.


My role as a mediator

Mediation is a sensitive balance between providing structure and processoriented interventions. I do not offer analysis nor judgement of the situation. These are the job of coaches or businessanalysts. In mediation the responsibility for solutions lies in the hands of the parties concerned.

In my role as mediator, I keep an eye on the needs of all parties concerned. My obligation is to establish a safe, strictly confidential zone which enables the parties to express their real needs. My job is the process-control, to break up entrenched patterns and help the parties to establish a new understanding for the interests and needs of their counterparts.

Often my role is similar to a translator – translating accusations and critisism into interests and needs – and enable the parties to really listen to each other again.